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The Best Way to Fix A Overhead Garage Door

In case your garage overhead door appears heavier than it used to be, to lift or is now loose in it’s tracks, you may well be right. Adding grease may help for a brief period but in the long run you’ll have to replace some of the door parts. Basically there three kinds of hinges used. When you look at your door you’ll notice that in the top and bottom are two roller brackets which are not the same as the rest of the hinges on the door recorded above. The bottom roller bracket also has a protruding peg where the spring cable is attached. The top mount projects further out from your door then the remaining rollers to permit the doorway to when opened, immediately follow the curved segment of the track without binding. A word of warning. Never remove without first disconnecting the lift cable and spring when the door is not closed. In case the cable is taken off the bottom roller mount together with the door shut, the spring will recoil with no control and may result in a serious harm.

Before removing any hinges, close the door and set two C-clamps or Vise grips in both paths only at the top of the door when the raise springs are linked to prevent any motion. You might by removing one hinge at a time (not the underside roller bracket), replace each hinge one by one in the exact place where it was removed. Remind yourself to do this once a year as maintenance.

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When the bottom weather seal is lost or broken, replace that as well. Finish the door using a brand new coat of paint it wants it.

Remove your c-clamps and lift the doorway to the full open position. This will take all of the tension out of the lift springs. Red, yellow, white etc. Each shade signals what weight it needs to be used on. Wood doors are extremely heavy and generally use the spring that is heaviest accessible. Aluminum doors, so on and the lightest springs. Carefully remove one side of the door’s spring and cable. Check the cable pulley to ensure it isn’t carve or worn. Replace the spring, cord and pulley in the exact same style in which is was removed. If in doubt, go through the one you haven’t removed as yet. Once both springs are replaced control several times placing more grease in the courses for the rollers to propagate to the door.

Your garage door should by much quieter to lift and much more easy to operate and close. If you plan to set up an electric garage door opener, these care things really are a must before you do the setup.